06 August 2013

DTV: Erased (aka The Expatriate)

Erased, aka The Expatriate outside the US, is a lowly action movie with a few B-list, border lining on A-list, stars.  It was supposedly released theatrically on May 10 or 17, but I have yet to find a box office take for it, so I doubt that it actually hit theaters.  Anyway, it hit DVD a few weeks back, and I took a quick look.

Erased opens on ex-CIA agent Ben Logan (Aaron Eckhart) as he works to break through a new type of lock for some foreign company, The Halgate Group.  His co-worker uncovers that the company does not actually own the patents for the lock they are trying to break into.  His team is supposed to test the locks of this foreign company.  The next day, Logan realizes that his company is gone, and that it was fake.  His whole involvement in the company has been erased, too, including his back accounts.  Meanwhile, someone uses Logan’s lock breaking device to steal something from a safe deposit box.  Also, a subplot about some cover-up over a boat sinking and killing innocent civilians lurks in the background as motivation for all of this.

Back with Logan now, he picks up his daughter Amy (Liana Liberato) from school and they are immediately attacked.  Logan thwarts the assassin’s attempt, and now they are on the run.  The rest of the film plays out pretty much like every other film of this nature.  Logan tries to figure out what happened.  He discovers a deep conspiracy involving one of his old CIA colleagues, Anna (Olga Kurylenko).

Erased suffers from being boring.  It starts off with an interesting premise of a guy who is hired to test the secureness of locks.  The conspiracy angle with The Halgate Group and the boat wreck is interesting, but becomes generic.  Erased is a terrible title change, as it welcomes comparisons to the far superior The Net.  It also feels a lot like USA’s Burn Notice.  Arash Amel’s script tries too hard to do too much with too little.  Apparently, he is a good screenwriter, and his Grace of Monaco is being filmed for release later this year.  And, he has been hired to pen the unnecessary I am Legend sequel.  Phillip Stolzl’s direction doesn’t help.  So much of the dialog cannot be heard because they are whispering to each other.  Then, BLAM, a gunshot sounds.  So, if you have the volume up to hear them talking, the gunshot is deafening.

Save your free Redbox code and let this one go.  If you happen to catch it on Netflix, go ahead and give it a chance.  It is just not worth the money.  This was shelved for a year, and now I can see why.

RATING: 3/10

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