16 August 2013

A Good Day to watch any other Die Hard

I have not heard anything good about the fifth installment in the Die Hard franchise, A Good Day to Die Hard, but that did not stop me from renting it over the weekend.  I am a fan of the first four films, to various degrees.  The preview looked decent, but not great.  I chose to see something else the week it opened in theaters.  Upon looking into that statement, it had to be scheduling conflict.  I saw Safe Haven.  So, with low expectations, I hit play.

What a monumentally terrible film.  Here is a brief synopsis of the plot: Jack McLane (Jai Courtney), the son of John (Bruce Willis), is in Russia. He kills a guy so that he can get arrested and put in jail with Komarov (Sebastian Koch), who is being held by corrupt politician Chagarin (Sergei Kolesnikov).  Komarov has a file that incriminates Chagarin.  John gets word that his estranged son is being held in a Russian prison, and heads to Russia to try and help.  Everything goes to shit, in the film, and the film itself.

I am a firm believer that Skip Woods, the “screenwriter,” has not even seen the other four films.  I doubt there was even a real script on set.  It feels that this could have been a script that was bought and adapted into a Die Hard film, not a Die Hard script in the first place.  The most common line of dialog from John McClane is “Jesus Christ!”  I am not sure how many times he says it, but it has to be in the dozens.  The other lines of dialog are just as bad.  The interaction between John and Jack are terrible.  The story is not a Die Hard story.  It does not fit the same pattern or feel as the rest of the franchise.  The action sequences are ludicrously over the top, unbelievable, and stupid.  John Moore just did not know what to do with such a stupid premise. There truly is nothing redeeming about this film.  There is no silver lining.  The closest thing would be its short running time.  That is just not enough of a reason to watch this.

A few years back, the Die Hard franchise made a surprise comeback with Live Free or Die Hard.  It had an updated story idea, and the film felt like a Die Hard movie.  The Harrier jet sequence was terrible and should have been cut, but other than that, the only other misstep was the PG-13 rating.  Yet, a sequel was inevitable, and five years later, this is what we get: a giant steaming pile of shit.  I believe that A Good Day to Die Hard has effectively killed this franchise.  If I am wrong, I hope that the time is taken to develop a good story.  I cannot sit through another disaster like this.  What a waste of a free Redbox rental code.

RATING: 1/10

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