16 July 2012

Superman vs. The Elite

DC Universe Animated Original Movies has had its share of ups and downs.  Batman: Under the Red Hood, Wonder Woman and Superman: Doomsday are great films.  On the other end of the spectrum, there is Batman: Year One and Batman: Gotham Knights.  Then, in the middle you have all the Justice League and Superman/Batman films.  Superman vs. The Elite is the latest to join his massive group in the middle.

Superman vs. The Elite starts off with Superman (George Newborn) defeating and containing Atomic Skull (Dee Bradley Baker).  He is then drawn to a fight where a group, going by the name The Elite, helps him stop a potential disaster between two warring Middle Eastern nations.  The Elite is headed up by Manchester Black (Robin Atkin Downe) and includes Menagerie, Coldcast and Hat.  Superman assumes that they are heroes, but as we can tell by the title of film, that is not the case.

Atomic Skull escapes his special confinement, and wreaks havoc on the city.  This draws hatred toward Superman for not killing him when he had the chance.  Yet, The Elite are willing to kill to achieve peace.  This pits Superman against the new “heroes,” and leaves Superman with a decision to make: Is he willing to go that extra step?

Superman vs. The Elite is based on Action Comics #775 which was written by Joe Kelly.  He adapted his own comic.  Michael Chang directed.  The animation was a big cartoonish, if you will.  Everything seemed a bit exaggerated.  As is becoming the case, Superman is hardly challenged.  So, with a lackluster story, this film becomes boring.  I think I will try to track down the issue itself and give it a read, but my expectations will be quite low.  I gave this a Redbox rental, and was only moderately entertained.  I would put this in the low end of the middle group.

RATING: 5/10

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