27 July 2012

Green Lantern: First Flight

After watching Green Lantern: First Flight, I now only have two more DC Universe Animated Films left to watch.  I have one in the mail, and still need to track down the other.  But those reviews will be up in due time.  Green Lantern: First Flight was released back in 2009.  The second Green Lantern animated film was released just prior to the disastrous live action film.  The less said about that, the better.

Green Lantern: First Flight tells the familiar origin story of hotshot military pilot Hal Jordan (Christopher Meloni) and how he comes to acquire a Green Lantern ring.  It is the same retread story that all comic book geeks know: Abin Sur (Richard McGonagle) crash lands on Earth moments before dying and gives Hal his ring.  Hal is then taken to Oa, the home of the Guardians and base for the Green Lantern Corps.  There, Hal is despised as no human has ever been selected.  He is put to the test by GL trainer Kilowog (Michael Madsen).  GL super soldier Sinestro (Victor Garber) takes Hal under his wing, as they search for Abin Sur’s killer.

As the Green Lantern Corp gets closer to finding the killer, it is revealed that he is in possession of a yellow element.  The yellow element is fear.  Sinestro falls prey to its power, and forms a yellow ring.  He then goes to Oa and threatens to destroy it and the Green Lanterns.

Where Green Lantern: First Flight went wrong is in its story.  It is a retread, but I can look past that.  It is the rushed nature of the training and overall story.  It feels compressed, almost as if scenes were missing.  Out of nowhere Sinestro is now bad, Hal Jordan is a master Green Lantern, and they fight.  A lot of the lore behind the rings and the Guardians is left out.  You are only told enough to understand what you need to on a minimum basis.  If you want to watch a fun and intelligent animated Green Lantern, I highly recommend the Green Lantern: The Animated Series on Cartoon Network.

RATING: 7/10

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