29 November 2010


And You Thought You Couldn't Take It Anymore...

You won’t believe me, but it is true. This movie was made by the same schlock that made House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark, In the Name of the King, Bloodrayne, and countless other pieces of garbage films based on video games. Yet, Rampage, shows that Uwe Boll knows how to craft a story, film it, and bring it to life.

Brendan Fletcher plays Bill Williamson, a twenty something living in his parents’ basement. They tell him that he needs to get out and go live on his own. He gets mad. Next, he goes to work, where his boss gets mad at him for working on his own van on his lunch. He gets mad. He then goes to a coffee shop where the barista can’t make his order properly. He gets mad. Finally, Bill meets up with this best friend, Evan at a fast-food joint. The worker gets the order wrong, and spills their drinks. They both get mad.

So, they sit and discuss life, and how it sucks. A change needs to happen. The next day, Bill goes on a rampage. It is Falling Down meets Grand Theft Auto. The first twenty-five minutes are a bit slow, but they help set up the remaining sixty minute climax. It is a holy terror rampage. My favorite scene is in the bingo parlor. The twist at the end that end that everyone seems to not see coming, was not that hard to work out. But, it was awesome.

I don’t usually write about movies that I did not see in theaters, but I felt this was necessary. I have Netflix, and Rampage was an Instant Watch. I am glad that it was. A friend of a friend turned me on to this movie. I was hesitant at first, but I figured, it was only 80 some minutes. How bad could it be? Verdict: A must see if you like this kind of film. It was not as gory as you would think or hope it would or should be. It was, also, more political than I would have thought. I am usually not into the whole "political movie," but this one has attitude.

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