28 April 2010

The Losers

Living Up To Its Name = Bad

I was so excited to see this movie. I love the trailer! It looked action packed, full of humor, and a decent cast, include the always attractive Zoe Saldana. It was action packed. It was humorous. Zoe Saldana was gorgeous. So where did it go wrong? It went horribly wrong with Jason Patric as Max. Everyone else was good. Jason Patric’s comedic performance as the villain was as bad as Mark Strong’s was good in Kick-Ass. It is hard to not draw comparisons between these two films. Both are based on little known comics series. Both have no name casts, and directors. The Losers was helmed by Sylvain White, who directed the direct-to-DVD sequel I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer, and Stomp the Yard.

I believe firmly that it was not the script. The actual lines of dialog were not bad. It was Jason Patric’s approach to the role. His right hand man, Wade, should have been the comedic relief, not Max himself. I was even willing to look past the lame weapon of mass destruction. It was an eco-friendly bomb. Ouch.

As for the action, it was stupendous. I loved it. There was no shortage of action in this movie. I really enjoyed the character interaction. They each had their specialty and part to play. They reminded me a little of and IMF team from Mission: Impossible.

The humor was passable. I did find Chris Evans portrayal of Jensen a bit too much like his Johnny Storm. I just hope he tones it down for his Captain America. If not, that could be the worst comic book movie since Catwoman. Idris Elba is always fun to watch. His Roque really just wanted his life back, no games. Columbus Short has been in many films lately, including Stomp the Yard. This was a better role for him than Armored. Oscar Jaenada was Couger, their sniper. He did not have a lot of lines, but it fit his character well. Oscar is a decorated actor in his home country of Spain, but I am not familiar with any of his films. Finally, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the leader of this unit, Clay. He played himself playing Clay. I think that the only time Jeffrey has not been this character was when he was the Comedian in Watchmen. Then there is the mysterious Aiesha, played by Zoe Saldana. I almost sat down to watch Crossroads because she was in it. But I quickly remembered, so was Britney Spears. Pass.

As a whole, the movie was entertaining, but it felt wrong. As I mentioned before, I blame Jason Patric. On a positive note, Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” has a moment in the film, too. You can never go wrong with Journey. Verdict: Not worth the money in theaters. Yet, it is totally worth a rental. Here’s to hoping Iron Man 2 can get us back on track

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