16 March 2010

Alice in IMAX 3D Wonderland

Well, this movie was Tim Burton being Tim Burton to the power of Tim Burton. Every aspect of this movie screamed Tim Burton. Danny Elfman did the music, Johnny Depp starred, Helena Bonham Carter starred, and then there were the visuals that only Tim Burton could produce. The usuals were accompanied by Anne Hathway, Crispin Glover, and a plethora of voices belonging to the likes of Alan Rickman, Stephen Fry and Michael Sheen.

This telling of the story reminded me of Burton’s take on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He tells a back story and the known story. In this version, Alice is set to be asked to marry a Lord. She freaks, and follows the White Rabbit and falls down the rabbit whole.

From here, she does her adventures in Wonderland. Along the way, we meet all the usual characters that Wonderland has to offer; the Red Queen (Carter), the White Queen(Hathaway), Mad Hatter (Depp), the Rabbit, Tweedledee & Tweedledum, Knave of Hearts (Glover), the Cheshire Cat and of course, the Jaberwocky. Almost everything is CGI. The only main characters that are not in someway computer generated are Mad Hatter, White Queen and Alice herself. The visual effects, though, are stunning. I did pay the extra money to see this in the IMAX in 3D. It was totally worth the extra money.

After the climactic fight with the Jaberwocky, Alice goes back to the exact time she left, and is confronted with the marriage proposal. It was just an odd addition to the story. I am not saying it was bad, but it just seemed like an afterthought. It almost did not feel like it belonged on this movie, but more like his Sweeny Todd.

As far as if it was good, I enjoyed the movie. It is not something I would necessarily purchase. It was entertaining, and lot of that had to do with the 3D aspect. Johnny Depp put in the same performance that he did for Willy Wonka. So, if you are not a fan of Depp in that role, this is not for you. Likewise, if you are not a fan of Burton’s works, this movie is totally not for you. Verdict: If you have the option to see it in 3D at the IMAX, totally worth your $12.50, or however much it would cost you. If not, eh, you could pass if you are sitting on the fence. It would be worth rent if you wanted to wait that long to see it.

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