27 October 2008

Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye is Bull's Eye for Entertainment

Well, Eagle Eye was not what I was expecting at all. I did not realize that there was actually a terrorist subplot. I have not seen 2001: A Space Odyssey, but I am told that many elements of this film came from Kibrick’s classic. That makes sense though. D.J Caruso’s last film, Disturbia, took many, if not all, elements from Hitchcock’s Rear Window.

Eagle Eye opens with a cameo I never would have guessed. Michael Chiklis shows up on screen as Defense Secretary George Callister. As an avid watcher of the FX show The Shield, I was happy to see Chiklis taking roles in films due the this beng the last season of the show. A suspected terrorist is allegedly spotted in the Middle East and a decision is made against Callister’s advisement. After that, we see "Turtle" from HBO’s Entourage losing a hand of Texas Hold ‘Em to Shia’s Jerry Shaw. We are then introduced the fact that he is poor. After the funeral of his twin brother who was in the Air Force, he gets loads of cash, weapons, and bomb making materials in his apartment anonymously. This puts Agent Thomas Morgan, played by Billy Bob Thorton, on his case along with Air Force Agent Zoe Perez, played by Rosario Dawson. In the meantime, Rachel Holloman, played by Michelle Monoghan, is seen sending her son off on a train from Chicago to D.C. for a children’s band concert. She is then informed that he can be intercepted if she does not comply with a mysterious voice on the phone. The same voice contacts Jerry and helps him to escape his Agency captors.

The rest of the film involves awesome car chases, foot chases, and a chase scene through an airport luggage room. The story slowly starts to unfold and pieces start falling into place. Along the way, I noticed that my sister, friend, and I were laughing at the movie at times that we deemed were appropriate. Billy Bob and Shia share some great dialogue, and have great liners apart, too. We thought it was funny, but we seemed to be the only ones laughing. Maybe we weren’t meant to laugh. I don’t know.

In the end, I found Eagle Eye to be extremely entertaining and refreshing. It was a great action/adventure film. It did remind me a lot of the star and director’s first team-up Disturbia. Verdict: If you are looking for a good thrilling ride, this is it. I have not seen a movie this fun in a while. Even the little Sci-Fi ending they get into didn’t bother me as I had suspended belief by the time I got there. Let your mind go and be entertained, it was worth it. As a side note, it is now $5 instead of $4! I was not happy about that change, but it will not shake me.

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