17 September 2008

Righteous Kill

Righteously Boring

Well, it has been 13 years since De Niro and Pacino shared screen time in Michael Mann’s heist classic Heat. So, I was excited to see that there were teaming up again in this cop drama. That was until I saw the trailer. After seeing the final product, my fears were a reality. Righteous Kill was a bad movie. You know it is a bad movie when these two legendary actors cannot save it. They both were decent in their roles of Turk and Rooster, two detectives on their way out. The problem lies at the base of the film. It was a half-assed story with a script that sounded like it could have been written by a 12 year-old.

From the first scene, I had the ending figured out. We follow Turk and Rooster on their quest to find a killer that is killing bad guys that escape justice. This could have been a good concept if Showtime’s Dexter had not already used that idea, and did a hell of a lot better job with it. Two younger detectives played by John Leguizamo and Donnie Wahlberg are also on the case. They finger Turk, De Niro, as the killer. Rooster swears it is not his partner. At this point, I am so convinced that I have the twist ending figured, that I become bored. Carla Cugino appears in a throw away role as does Brian Denehey. 50 Cent appears as well in the climactic scene that I have seen coming since the beginning.

Righteous Kill fails on so many levels that my disappointment was overwhelming. The directing was average, the script was atrocious, and the supporting cast could have phoned in their performances. When the final showdown happens, the bad guy takes about 10 minutes, after being shot, to finally die which is a great analogy for the film. I would take the few scenes in Heat to the entire film of Righteous Kill anyday. Verdict: This is a waste of time and not original thriller that should have been straight to dvd to save people the money. A rental is fine if you have to see this, but I am telling you that you really don’t.

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