06 July 2008


Hancock Fails to Save My Expectations

For what it was, Hancock was a superhero movie meant for the followers of Will Smith. Hancock may not be for the comic book masses, but for the general crowd, it will do the trick. Will Smith took the role of Hancock and made it his own. Or you can look at it as he took the role and made it fit him and his acting. Hancock was an enjoyable ninety minute ride, but that is where it disappoints. With a running time just over the 90 minute mark, I was left wanting more that I knew the movie had to offer. There was one scene in the middle of the movie, after the “plot twist” that I saw coming right away, that just made no sense. It was not explained, it was just there. This movie had plenty of potential to be a great film, but it just failed to reach that mark. It wasn’t that it was satisfied with meritocracy, it just did not have what it needed to cross that threshold into greatness. But with Will Smith, you can safely bet that Mr. 4th of July will deliver the money.

Hancock started out with a group of bad guys leading a high speed chase with the cops down the interstate. Hancock is awakened by a little kid and told to do something. He then remedies the situation in a not-so-normal way. He puts the car through an antenna on a building. We then see that the public does not like or appreciate Hancock and his heroics. He then helps a Public Relations representative Ray Embrey, played by Arrested Development’s and director Peter Berg’s alum Jason Bateman. This then leads to another public outcry. While dropping Ray off at home, we meet his son and his wife Mary, played by Charlize Theron. From this moment, I saw the plot twist that does not happen for another 45 minutes. The next day, the DA wants Hancock to turn himself in, and he does on the advice from his PR rep Ray. The plan is to make the public need and want Hancocks help. We also discover along the way that Hancock is not sure who he is or anything before the 1930s.

The rest of the film deals with the plot twist and the public’s view on Hancock. I do not want to give away the twist, so, I will just wrap things up. Peter Berg delivers another great action movie. His direction can apparently cause motion sickness, but since I seem to be immune to that, I thoroughly love his direction. He has a tendency to put you in the middle of the action, maybe a little bit too much for some people. Will Smith’s acting was nothing to write home about, and the rest of the cast followed suit. Batemen was the same character he was in Arrested Development and Theron was enjoying her role, but not on par with what she is capable of. Verdict: I enjoyed this, but I am hoping for an extended cut that explains that one scene that does not fit in. If you are a fan of superhero movies, comic book movies, Will Smith, or just love action movies, this is worth the 90 minutes. You know I say, “Yes!” to all those.

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