30 June 2008


What The Matrix sequels were trying to be.

Well, after reading all the hype, I was expecting to go in and see a movie on par with The Matrix. I mean, the two sequels were not on par with the original. Sadly, Wanted was not on par with it either. For people to say that the visual effects are the best since, I challenge them to watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Even for an action movie, Wanted did noting new other than slow things down to “bullet time” and make bullets smash into each other. Nothing that I would say is on par with The Matrix. With all that said, I did love the movie.

It opens with a Fight Club-esque narration by the main character, Wesley Gibson played by John McAvoy. He was tremendous in this role. Though there were aspects of his character I was not fond of, he was great in the role. He is basically in a place in his life where he hates his job, life, girlfriend, etc. He then discovers he is the son of an assassin who is part of a secret fraternity of assassins. This is done in the first of many action sequences. Angelina Jolie, the sexy assassin Fox meets up with our main character in a drugstore and has it out with the fraternity rogue who killed Wesley’s father. He then meets Sloan, played by Morgan Freeman, who is in charge of the fraternity. After some thought and consideration, he decides to go into training and join the ranks of the fraternity.

During this training montage, Wes is beaten, cut, shot, bones broken, and everything else you would expect from an “initiation” into a Greek Fraternity, but it is all done in style. We also learn, from Sloan, that they are guided by a loom, since they are a textile mill. The loom spins irregularities into the cloth and it spells out the names of who needs to be killed in a binary code. Yes, that is a stretch, but it is original, so I will allow it. After he is ready, he performs his first few orders. These are done with artistic shots that include taking a shot off the roof of the elevated train in Chicago and flipping a car over another to shoot through a sunroof.

After we get through all that is necessary, we then get into the meat of the story and the twists. We continue to follow Wes on his quest for vengeance. Finally, he is sent on a mission to kill Cross, his father’s murderer. This scene is on a train as well, and is a lot of fun. As soon as the first twist is revealed, I figured out the rest of them. It was intricate, but not that intricate. Verdict: Absolutely worth the watch. Just remember that is not The Matrix. Wanted was a great escape movie. I will buy it and watch it again and again. I was disappointed it was not The Matrix, but it was great in its own right. Enjoy.

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