01 December 2007

No Country For Old Men

I am not sure when Cormac McCarthy wrote his novel, whether he ever thought it would be made into a movie by the Cohen Brothers or not. They are amazing filmmakers. This movie was absolutely spellbinding. From the opening scene to the final, I could not look away. All the performances were excellent, the direction was top notch, and the music, well, it wasn’t there. The movie had no soundtrack. The only music was from a mariachi band in a short scene in Mexico.

In the opening, we are introduced to Anton Chigurh, portrayed amazingly by Javier Bardem. He took craziness to the next level with this character. He shows no emotion at all when he kills. It is just a natural as blinking for him. His creepiness factor is through the roof.

We then see Llewelyn Moss hunting in the open range of the west. He wounds his prey and while tracking, comes across a drug deal gone wrong and finds the money man down the way. Being the upstanding citizen that he is, he decides to keep the cash setting into motion the rest of the film’s events. We soon discover that Chigurh is hired by someone to track down the money. Tommy Lee Jones plays the Sheriff in the area picking up the breadcrumbs left behind in the wake of Chigurh’s path of destruction.

The writing is beyond superb. The acting is flawless. Woody Harrelson plays a hired gun, Carson Well, who is hired by Stephen Root, to track down Chigurh and get the money from him. So, now you can see how the plot thickens. Everybody is after everybody and not aware of everybody else’s motives.

In the end, characters meet their respective demises, and the survivors are forever changed. Verdict: This is one of the best movies I have seen all year. This is the best movie I have seen since 3:10 to Yuma. But what I have seen since then has not been the best. After a record setting summer, Hollywood as dazzled us with nothing but sub par movies with lackluster performances, crappy stories, and it only looks worse. This has been the bright spot of the late fall season. This is a must see, and do not be surprised if it receives nominations this winter by every award show out there.

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