22 October 2007

Gone Baby Gone

Affleck Squared Scores

Ben Affleck should stick to directing and let his little brother do the acting for the family. With that said, Casey Affleck turns in an Oscar worthy performance as private investigator Patrick Kinzie in Ben Affleck’s directorial debut Gone Baby Gone. This film has many similarities with Mystic River, which was one of the best films to come out since the turn of the century. They are both films based on novels by Dennis Lehane. A third movie is set to come out entitled Shutter Island and the cast is building. Anyway, back to this film. The cast alone is filled with heavy hitters and Oscar winners and Nominees. Ben Affleck is a winner along with Morgan Freeman. Ed Harris is a three time nominee. The movie also boasts Michelle Monaghan as Angie Gennaro, Kinzie’s P.I. partner.

The movie opens with the kidnapping of a little girl, Amanda, from her home in Boston. We quickly are introduced to Morgan Freeman who is the Captain of a special unit of missing children ever since his own child was taken from him. Patrick and Angie are brought in as private investigators by the mother’s sister-in-law, Bea and her husband Lionel. For the first half of the movie, we follow the investigation and the trails left by the suspects. Ed Harris is the lead detective for the case assigned by Capt. Jack Doyle. In the middle of the movie, it ends. This is where the story shifts gears and then focuses on Patrick as a P.I. All the characters are really given depth and purpose.

Somewhere in the mess that is the lives of the players in this film, pieces start falling together about the kidnapping and trust is broken, lies are discovered, and the truth is revealed. I, personally, did not see the twists coming. In the final act of this tragedy, morals and virtues are tested. Right and wrong is challenged. After the credits started, I contemplated the decisions made by some of the characters and asked myself what I would have done in the same situation. And that is the thought I leave you with. Verdict: If you liked Mystic River or are a fan of the crime drama genre, then this is a must see. It is worth the theater ticket or at the very least a rent. I will be putting this on my list of purchases.

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