27 January 2007

Freedom Writers

Dangerous Writers

Well, I saw this movie because it is about a white teacher teaching poor students in the inner city. In case you are wondering, that is exactly what my wife does. So, we went to see this for inspiration. I was not 100% on board with this, but this is one of those sacrifices you make when you put that ring on her finger.

It opens with the LA Riots. Now, I am only 24 years old. So, I had to look into the LA Riots to refresh my memory as to what they were all about. Once that was established, I moved on. It then cuts to Hillary Swank, the main character, meeting with the head of personnel at the school in which she wants to teach. She soon realizes the mountain in front of her that she must climb in order to succeed.

Freedom Writers tells the story of her first year of teaching and how she got these students to open up to her and each other through these notebooks/journals. It is a story of how one teacher can make a difference, and did make a difference.

Without going into a great deal of detail, the movie dealt with gangs and their influence on young poor kids. It dealt with gangs and how to break those bonds. It dealt with different races coming together to make a difference. I thought I had seen this movie before in Dangerous Minds. The only bad thing about this movie is that it came out after Dangerous Minds and therefore, people like me, thought they have already seen this story.

Verdict: See this movie. Support its story. Buy the true life story book by the same title. Do whatever you want, but this story is more moving than Dangerous Minds and Stand and Deliver. I can say this because I have seen and enjoyed both of these films. This is one more that you need to see. I feel bad for the next story of this nature. Freedom Writers has set the bar high.

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Megan said...

This is actually sitting upstairs, having recently arrived from blockbuster. I'll let you know what I think after watching it. But now that you've said you're putting it about Stand and Deliver , I'm skeptical. How can you beat thugs kicking the AP Calc exams?