20 June 2006

District B-13

B-13 Explodes

I am a large fan of the action genre. It does not take much for me to enjoy an action movie. It does, however, take a lot for me to give it a 10. This movie was great. Luc Besson writes another great movie. I loved The Transporter, didn't care too much for the sequel though. District B13 was so good, it makes me want to import Besson's Taxi Trilogy from Europe.

The movie is set in future Paris. There, they have built walls around every ghetto to "contain" the problem. Inside B13, the worst ghetto, there is a feared gang lead by Taha. There is one person, Leito, who will stand against the gang. Taha sends his henchman K2 after Leito for the drugs that were stolen. This leads to a great action sequence. K2 fails, and has to kidnap Leito's sister Lola. This then encites more action, where Leito is arrested by "crooked" cops.

Cut to a sting operation lead by Damien, played by one of the twins in Kiss of the Dragon. Another great action sequence transpires. Damien is asked to go into B13 and get this nuclear bomb that was stolen. He accepts. This sets up the rest of the movie.

Not to give too much away, basically, it is great action scene after great action scene. The plot is incredible, too. There is a government conspiracy going on with B13. The script was good, though I had to read it.

Verdict: All in all, i felt like this was the best use of $10. Not to mention, on my way out, I got asked to watch a movie trailer and give my opinion on it.

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