28 March 2007


Shooter not original

The cast of Shooter is a bunch of has-beens, TV-supporting actors, and trying to break-out stars. First, the has-beens: Danny Glover and Ned Beatty. Neither one has had a hit or significant pull with the audience anymore. I think Glover’s last movie he had a top billing on was Lethal Weapon 4, which he shared with Mel Gibson. I can’t even remember the last time Ned Beatty was even on the billing. Next, the TV-side actors: Tate Donovan, Rhona Mitra, and Michael Pena. Donovan, of course, is from the ill-fated The O.C. He was on and off for the first three seasons. Rhona Mitra was part of the sick sibling duo in the third season of Nip/Tuck. Michael Pena kind of fits both the last two categories, as does Kate Mara. They both had guest appearances on TV shows, Pena on The Shield and Mara on Nip/Tuck and 24. But both have also been in some larger pictures as of late. Michael Pena was in Crash, Million Dollar Baby, Babel, and World Trade Center. Kate Mara was in Brokeback Mountain, We are Marshall, and Zoom. Both of these actors will be big in the next year or two. This movie will not make them a household name, but maybe a household face. Finally, there is Mark Wahlberg coming off his Oscar nominated role in The Departed. Like most first time nominees, his next role was already set, so, it was not his best. In Shooter, he plays the exact same role/character as he did back in The Big Hit.

As for the movie itself, it was very average. While it was fun, it offered nothing new. It is the same plot as Most Wanted, only with better actors and better action. It offered a few fun scenes though. It did have a few MacGyver meets Rambo moments. The story centered on an assassination where the shot was taken over a mile away. The FBI brought in a specialist, Wahlberg, to help them figure out how it was going to be done. Then, they set him up to be the assassin, like Lee Harvey Oswald. The rest of the movie focused on Wahlberg trying to clear his name. Sadly, that was the whole movie in three sentences.

Verdict: Bono should have made an appearance, you will have to see it to understand, but I recommend this for rental. With the tickets prices where they are, this is better left to home viewing or second run theaters. I enjoyed the action, explosions, and body count, but the overall feel was, I had seen this all before.

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