28 December 2006

Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine is a winner

I left work on time, as opposed to late, and drove like my hair was on fire to get home and get the wife for a special surprise. Her favorite Christmas movie is the 1947 Miracle on 34th Street. A local theater advertised in the paper and on the Internet that they were showing it. So, we drove across St. Louis to get to this theater in time for the showing. Turns out, it was a typo, a misprint. It was the remake that my wife refuses to watch. So, we decided to see Little Miss Sunshine instead. As soon as it started, I realized that it came out to DVD this same day, but oh well.

This movie is a depressingly hilarious feel-good movie. That does not make any sense, but it is true. Abigail Breslin plays young Olive. Steve Carell plays her suicidal gay uncle Frank. Toni Collette plays her hard working mother Sheryl. Greg Kinnear plays the pathetic father Richard that is bent on not being a loser because there are two types of people, Winners and Losers. Her drug using, sex-crazed grandfather is played by Alan Arkin. And finally, Paul Dano plays her older brother who does not talk because he has taken an oath to himself to not talk until he joins the Air Force and gets to fly planes.

This deranged family of misfits goes on a journey from Albuquerque to Los Angeles for a child’s beauty contest called “Little Miss Sunshine.” They all pack into a yellow VW Bus. It is a stick shift so only Richard can drive. Sheryl decides that she should learn to drive to help out. She ends up ruining the clutch and they have to push start the car to get it going and then they can stop. The whole movie follows them along their journey and misfortunes. The film focuses on it characters and their interaction with each other. Each character ends the movie with a slightly different outlook on life than they had when the trip started.

Verdict: I loved this movie. It is totally worth the watch. My only regret is that I did not get to see it earlier and tell you all to see it in theaters. Rent this movie. It is not for little kids, though. My favorite scene involves a funny incident with the VW bus and its horn. I was crying I was laughing so hard. My wife was mad at me for laughing so hard. But it was totally worth the watch.

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