01 December 2006

The Lake House

Plot holes don't sink The Lake House

So, two rents in a row, I have lost to my wife. This time around, we rented The Lake House. I was not as happy about this one as I was about the previous one. Yet, again, I must sadly admit that I was fairly entertained by this movie.

We start out the film with Kate, Sandra Bullock, moving out of the lake house in question. Then, Alex, Keanu Reeves, moves into said lake house. But we quickly discover that they are living in two different years. They are both pathetic single people that use one another to help themselves feel better about their lives. I quickly put the ending twist together in the beginning. My wife, I don’t think she did. Through out the movie, we see them fall in love. We even see them have a fight through time. It has interesting shots. This is one of the few times that I will mention the director in my review, but Alejandro Agresti did a fantastic job with the shooting and direction of this film.

There is not a lot to say about this movie. I enjoyed it, but do not look too deep into it, or you will find many plot-holes. MANY. Another thing that I found interesting about this movie was the DVD cover. It had a quote about being unique. I found that funny. It is a remake of a Korean movie Siworea. Apparently, it focuses a bit more on the sci-fi aspect of the plot. I am going to track this movie down and rent it. It is under the title, il Mare.

Verdict: Rent it. Give it a watch. Just remember, do not look too much into it.

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