01 December 2006

John Tucker Must Die

John Tucker's death is humorous

Well, I am sad to say, that when my wife suggested that we rent John Tucker Must Die, I was not opposed. I look a good revenge tale. So, we rented it. Well, I was kind of let down, but it deserves to be in the fresh category.

I could write this review full of funny castings and what the actors and actresses involved were in before this, but I don’t want to waste your time, and I don’t like to write long reviews for movies I see on DVD. Look them up on IMDB for yourself.

The story is simple. Three girls find out that John Tucker has played them for fools. He is the star basketball player and super cool guy. When new girl, Kate, enters the scene, she exposes their stupidity. This simple act leads from one thing to another and finally, we are given the plot. They are going to make this new girl irresistible to John, and then crush him.

As the story unfolds, tricks are played on poor Mr. Tucker. Yet, he seems to constantly spin them into his favor. When the time comes, John has changed, and Kate has fallen in love. What will happen? I am not going to tell you. But I will say that the ending was kind of a let down. The film is flawed. It has a bad underlying message of, “If you aren’t a cheerleader and cool, you are nothing.” Other than that, it is not too bad.

Verdict: It is worth the rent. I am glad that I did not pay to see it in theaters.

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