21 August 2006

The New World

This weekend, I chose to stay home and watch one of the 30+ titles I have on DVD that I have never seen instead of go watch another piece of Hollywood drab. Unfortunately, I chose The New World. This was a very long, very boring, very uneventful movie. At no point in the movie was I entertained or mildly amused. Terrence Malick managed to bore me as much this time as he did last time I watched one of his historical "epics, " The Thin Red Line. I have to say that I was surprised at how boring and uneventful the movie was. I saw the preview while working in a theater, but it never opened wide enough for me to have a chance to see it. I thought the preview made it look excellent, so "Kudos" to whoever did the preview, you got me. I don't even know what to say about this movie. It chronicles the life of Pocahontas, though they never mention her by name. John Smith, played by Colin Farrell, was a soft spoken, hard to hear character that seemed to be the central character until he leaves 80 minutes into the movie. Then enters Christian Bale as John Rolfe, who ends up marrying Pocahontas. He is equally soft spoken and hard to hear. There really was no character that could be heard. The whole movie moved as the speed of snail, and was hard to follow due to the inability to hear the dialog.

Verdict: I do not reccommend this movie to rent, purchase, watch on HBO or even TBS. I can't even count how many times I looked at the DVD player to see how much more pain I had to endure.

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