24 August 2006

The Gridiron Gang

Remember the Gridirion Gang's Longest Yard

Last night I had the privilege of seeing the new movie starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson., Gridiron Gang. I did not expect much going into it. It looked like Remember the Titans meets The Longest Yard, but with different gang members as opposed to different races. I enjoyed the movie; make no doubts about that. It just did not have anything new. We have all seen this story before. Kids with nothing, who hate each other, come together to achieve a goal. It is based on a true story, which was played, in part, during the credits, a great and emotional part of the film.

The Rock stars as a juvenile detention center “guard/instructor.” He and his co-worker, Xhibit, decide that after their latest delinquent is released and killed a short time later, that they are not making a dent in these kids and getting them straightened out. So, they decide a football team will help them. Of course, there is opposition from one of the staff members. The team is made anyway, and they train in three weeks for their first game. They lose, horribly. This shuts down the program, but the kids bring it back. They lose again, but they decide after this loss that they need to come together in order to win. After that, they begin to win. Gang wars begin. The kids are torn between their “hood” and their love for football. Guess which one wins over?

One problem that the movie faced was that the poor writing. The script seemed childish. It sounded like a few middle school kids wrote it. They gang talk was decent, but the adult dialog was terrible. Another problem was that they tried so hard to be funny at times that needed to remain serious. I think that it would have pulled more heartstrings if it kept the serious tone. It could have been a better movie, too.

Verdict. I did enjoy myself. I liked it more than Take the Lead. Which was the same story, only they were not in jail, just detention, and they danced. Gridiron Gang is worth the watch, but do not expect to come out it with a whole new outlook on life.

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