21 June 2006

Over the Hedge

When I first saw this preview, I didn't think I'd see it in theaters. But, a long time ago, I made a deal with a buddy. I told him that if he came to visit me in Chicago, I would take him to a 30 screen cineplex to see any movie of his choice. So, this was his choice. I must say, I was impressed.

It starts out funny but trite. Luckily, it was entertaining. Once the movie got moving, I found myself laughing and enjoying the film. The voice actors were great. Bruce Willis was great, but Steve Carrell stole the show. The only thing that drove me nuts was the use of his squirrel. Ice Age started it back in 2002, then Hoodwinked did it last November. I guess, in Hollywood, if you need a spastic animal, the only answer is SQUIRREL. Scrat is hard to beat. But Hammy was great. Toward the end of the movie, as in Hoodwinked, they load the squirrel with caffiene and watch him run really fast. But in Over the Hedge, they put a nice twist on it.

William Shatner was excellent in his over-acting role. Thomas Hayden Church was good. Eugene Levy was good. Nick Nolte was excellent.

Verdict: It was a good, clean, funny, family movie. Worth the money? Why not.

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