21 June 2006


I must admit, I like the word trite. That is the best word to describe the latest movie from Pixar Studios. I cannot figure out why they are not focusing on Toy Story 3, Monsters Inc 2, or Finding Nemo Again. Cars had nothing new to offer.

It opened with an over confident rookie car names Lighting McQueen in his trailer before the "big race" to decide who wins the cup. The goes on, and it comes down to the top three cars, Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt, and McQueen. I meen, The King, Chick Hicks, and McQueen. Well, there is a three-way tie. They decided to have a race in California in one week to determine the winner. Along the way to California, Mack, voiced by long-time Pixar vocalist John Ratzenberger, falls alseep and is assaulted by Vin Diesel's crew from The Fast and the Furious. That was kinda cute. McQueen falls out of the trailer and does not know it. He wakes up and triesto catch up with Mack and ends up in Radiator Springs. It is a lost city on old Route 66 before I-40 is put in and bypasses it. After he tears up the street, he is sentenced to fix it. His punishment also begins ours. This city story drags on for too long. They are building up the obvious friendships and teach the "hot-shot" that there is more to life than winning. They also teach kids that is it cool to race a train over a junction and play with power lines within 1 minnute of each outer. Great thinking Pixar. While in this city, he learns all these great driving tricks that he will use in the final race. The town citizens become his friends and pit crew. An old racing legend is reborn. There could not have been more stale storylines.

I am not sure who thought making a kids animated movie with a running time pushing 2 hours was a good idea, but he should be fired. It was a cute flick, with 2 twists in it. It was nothing compared to The Incredibles, Toy Story and its sequel, Monsters Inc, or Finding Nemo.

Verdict: Wait a few more weeks before seeing this movie, or see it late at night. Here's why: CRYING BABIES!! There were at least 3 crying kids, 3 cell phone calls, and 3 times I had to get up to let out the lady next to me to take her child to the restroom. I don't mind large mature audience. Those are hard to find. But watching a kids movie with a bunch of kids was a terrible idea.

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