21 June 2006

The Break Up

The Break-Down

I live in Chicago and was severely inconvenienced for a week while trailers were parked on my street for the filming of this movie. I did, however, go out and watch a 3 second scene be filmed one night. I did get to see Jennifer. By the way, she is really small and really skinny. I was psyched to see this movie. When the reviews were bad, I could not believe it. I still wanted to see it. Jennifer Aniston playing Rachel....good. Vince Vaughn in a comedic role....good. Jon Favreau in a small supporting role....good. Things seemed to add up. My new wife, who was in town at the time it was filming, decided this would be a great first movie to see as a married couple. The Break-Up? I am sure there is logic in there somewhere.

It opens with a shot of Wrigley Field. I am a White Sox fan myself. Jon Favreau is wearing a Sox jersey and making fun of the Cubs and their terrible playing. I LOVED IT!! After that scene, the movie went downhill, and fast. Every scene dragged on for about 2 minutes longer than needed. They get into a fight, that lasted too long, over.....well, over nothing really. Just a gigantic amount of built-up anger. I can relate. But then, things kept getting worse. The story went nowhere. I got bored. I can't even remember how many times I looked at my watch during this movie. At first, the characters seemed to have substance, but they got me good on that joke. The only redeeming factor to the movie was Jon Favreau. His lines were hilarious, his delivery of them hilarious, he is hilarios. The movie, well, lacked being hilarious.

Verdict....waste of $20 plus concessions.

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