31 May 2006

X-Men: The Last Stand

X-Men The Last Straw

Ratner can't hold the weight set forth by fellow director Singer. In this last chapter, so many things were wrong. I loved the comics growing up. All the violations to the comics worked both for and against the film. Since it seemed as though they had no regard for the comic books, they saw fit to make up story lines that didn't work. In the comic world, there are so many great story lines. There are very few deaths to actual characters. Killing so many characters was tough for a comic nerd like me to watch. I had a hard time when they killed Joker in the original Batman movie. I wish they would have killed Mr. Freeze, but why go there. The Last Stand suffered from too much action and not enough plot. The first two films had a great balance. I felt that Beast was not as bad as everyone made him seem. The cure, Leech, I hate Cameron Bright. He has haunted my dreams for a very long time.

There were so many original story lines, that they forgot some of the most intriguing story lines from the comics. Most basically, Juggernaut is Xavier's brother. At the beginning of the film, we see X and Eric Magnus walking. WALKING! They never got into how Xavier became crippled.

Juggernaut. He really is not a true mutant. His powers are mystical, kinda.

Jean Grey. Pheonix had nothing to do with Jean being a level 5 mutant, whatever that means. I thought she was a tornado when I heard level 5, V5, whatever. It again, was a mystical power from space. Had they actually used the flame pheonix bird behind her, I might have been more impressed.

Rogue. Rogue and the cure, no way. Rogue could fly and was superstrong in the comics. In the movies, a little whiney girl. She had the wrong accent, and why woud she want Bobby when Remy could have been in the fourth movie.

Beast. He should have been explained. His mutant power is dexterity. He had large hands and feet in the comics. He was not blue and furry until a science experiment went bad.

Iceman. I did, however, love the shot of the real true blue Iceman.

Angel. At the beginning, they show Warren Worthington III. He doesn't do much during the movie. He should have had a bigger role. I liked how they used him to give the cure a background, but he still have had a larger role.

Pyro. How did he become so important? He wasn't in the comics. He really wasn't in the second film. Whatever happened to Sabretooth and Toad?

Magneto. Good old Ian gave a great performance, I thought. He was great. His character was great. His story line was simple, destroy humanity that stands in the way of mutants taking over.

Professor X. Well, I try not to give a lot of spoilers, so I can only say, stay for the end of the credits. His character was great, but I hated what happened to him. Again, why is he crippled.

Storm. All that money, and she still had a terrible wig. She didn't do much. She never does.

Colossus. Why not give him a Russian accent? Why violate simple things from the comics? He was decent. I didn't mind the visual of him turning steel.

Kitty. Well, she was ok. I think that she proves the point that they bring in only X-Men that they want to do one thing for the plot. In the last film, it was Colossus turning steel to help the kids get out. In this, it was Kitty to play with Juggernaut.

Multiple Man. Not a bad use for him. I can't remember though, I thought he was a good guy.

Random Mutants. Why were they dressed like Rosario out of Sin City? Wrong comic book, Brett.

And finally, WOLVERINE, my personal favorite. Through the trilogy, you have seen him grow as a mutant and a person. In this film, his transformation continues. His struggle with is passion and love for Jean was a shining star in this drab film. Again, they use of him is similar to the end of the first film, but who cares? I can't wait for the spin-off.

Verdict: All in all, worth the $10. This movie violated the comics, but that was kinda nice. It kept me guessing what was going on. I would have preferred that they kept to the comics, but it wasn't that bad. This may be the last in the this trilogy, but I would be surpised if they don't make any more. Maybe wait a few years, then come back with Apocalypse, Mr. Sinister, or the like.

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