31 May 2006


Who gets on this boat?

I am a big fan of the origanal. I, of course, did not see it in theaters, but I imagine that this must have been what it felt like. Back in the 1974, the SFX used to make The Poseidon Adventure were top of the line. I have to say, the ones in this remake were great, too. I did, however, wonder, why did they remake this movie? Was there a great need for this? They just had a TV movie, that I have not seen...yet, that nobody watched. Why spend over $150 million to make this?

Secondly, why would anyone get on a boat named Poseidon? That would be like getting on a boat named Titanic. Or an airplane named Hindenberg. What did the characters expect to happen?

The charcaters were fresh. They were not from the original. They did have aspects from them. Some of the characters were not well explained and most had little to no back story given. The actors should have done something else. Peterson and company should have hired all no name actors like the TV movie and kept the budget down in hopes to turn a profit. Josh Lucas has yet to show me that he is a credible actor, yet, they keep selling him like one. Kurt Russell hasn't had a good movie since Miracle, and before that....... It was nice to Mia Maestro in a movie. I was saddened that it was this and not M:I3 with Abrahms also from Alias fame.

I saw this on the IMAX, so, it was louder and bigger than it should have been. That means, I LOVED IT THAT MUCH MORE.

Verdict: If you want to spend you $10, do it. If not, see it at home. If not, don't see it at all. With this movie, it doesn't really matter.

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