12 May 2006

Mission Impossible III

Mission Enjoyed

Let me start off by saying, "I loved this movie!" With that said, it is too bad that the nation is on Tom Cruise overload. This is the best in the M:I series. J.J. Abrahms brought a "fresh" feel to M:I3, but it was just his feel from Alias. I liked Alias for the first 2 seasons, but that is not the subject of this entry. The movie moved and felt like an episode of Alias. There were many references hidden in the movie. The call signs of Outrigger and Pheonix were from Alias as was Greg Grunberg.

This movie once again used the whole mole in the agency approach. In the original De Palma movie, it was Phelps himself. In Woo's dissastrous second installment, it was 006, I mean Sean Ambrose. M:I2 was Goldeneye. It was Tom Cruise trying to be James Bond. In this film, the team, which was nice to see, was trying to find a mole in the agency. I hope that the fourth, if they make it, finds a different approach to a plot. Phillip Seymour Hoffman was a fantastic villian. His small amount of screen time was dissappointing, but kept his character more ominous. Ving Rhames reprising his role as Luther was a great thing. His character adds a lot to the movie.

As their search for the mole ensues, they are also trying to locate the "Rabbit's Foot" that many people are mad that they never see, or find out what it is. I think that it was an unnecessary object to see. All we needed to know was that it was bad, and couldn't be allowed to get into the wrong hands.

The action was non-stop and excellent. The sound was great. The directing was great.

I just hope that people will get over Tom Cruise enough to go see this movie, like they want to in the first place, so that the box office numbers will allow for another one to be made, hopefully sooner than 6 years.

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